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Rules and Regulations

The following is a partial list of vendor rules and regulations. A full list will be supplied upon acceptance of your application.

Vendors in Clay county and adjoining counties (in Missouri) are eligible to sell at the market.

Eligible products:
1. Vendors will be allowed to sell only products grown by themselves on their own property or property they rent. No reselling is permitted. All products sold at the Farmers Market must be in fresh and healthy condition. Vendors are personally responsible for complying with all city, county, state and federal regulations.
2. Where applicable vendors of baked goods, honey, cider, eggs, processed foods, meat, or dairy products must have required state and county health permits.
3. Fresh produce sold must not be processed or altered. Vendors may sell a mixed bag of produce or vegetables, but may not chop, shred or otherwise process the fruits and vegetables without a processing license and approved processing procedures.
4. Plant and produce vendors may also sell craft items made from fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and wild-gathered items that have been grown on the vendor's farm.
5. Only vendors meeting federal guidelines may use the term "organic" to describe their product. Other terms such as "chemical-free" or "naturally grown" may be used if applicable.
6. Plant vendors must have grown their plants from seed or have had the plants in their possession for 30 days before the market date sold.
7. Documentation of a product's legitimacy must be submitted upon request.
8. Requests for new products must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee for consideration.
9. All crafts sold at the market must be handmade by the vendor and preapproved by the Executive Committee.

Other requirements:
1. All vendors are required to display clearly visible signs with their name, name of their farm, and address of the farm.
2. At least 50% of all produce and products must have visible prices posted.
3. Vendors may choose their own spaces on a "first come, first serve" basis.

Additional requirements and rules apply.

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